Strawberries and Raspberries now available!

Before Coming out to u-pick

Call us


Before heading out make sure you give us a call to find out what berries are in season.  


Bring your own containers


Bring your own containers for picking. 

We like to say 

"If it will hold  berries, it works! "

Baskets, Boxes & Buckets are available at the stand for purchase. 

(check out our u-pick gallery for container ideas!)

Wear the right clothes


Check the forecast. Oregons weather is so unpredictable, especially early June. Be prepared with boots for muddy fields or hats/sunscreen for the sunny days. 

Check In


Check in at the stand when you arrive. We are more than happy to explain and even show you where to pick berries.

While you're at the stand we will weigh your empty containers. So your not paying for the weight of them, just the berries!

Make Room


Make sure you have the room in your vehicle to haul the berries home.  Pick only what you can haul home! Its easy to overpick. Trust us when we say we've seen this happen way too many times. 

Enjoy the Experience!


Enjoy the experience!

We want everyone to have a great time picking.  Let the kids eat the berries we encourage it!!

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U-Pick Prices

Strawberries $1.50 lb